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School Awards

Welcome to Washington Township Elementary, a proud school with an award-winning tradition. Since 1989 our school has been recognized for the following achievements:

National Blue Ribbon School for Excellence (1997)-One of the top awards a school can receive, the National Blue Ribbon recognition program was given by the U.S. Department of Education to Washington Township for "demonstrating all the key ingredients for excellence in education".

Great Schools Ranking of Above Average (2009-17)- Great Schools is a national web-based organization that ranks schools on test scores compared with other schools in the state and nation. Washington Township Elementary was one of the few schools in Indiana to receive this prestigious ranking.

National Schools of Character Award Finalist (1999)-Our school was recognized by the Character Education Partnership and Boston University as one of 26 schools in the nation that "effectively infuse character education into their culture and curriculum".

4-Star School Award (2007-Current) - Given by the State Department of Education, this recognizes Washington Township School as being in the top 25th percentile in the state in the areas of Language Arts, Math, and Total Passing Both Subjects in every single grade level. WTE is one of the few schools state-wide to have won this award every year since it's inception. (Click here to see State lists of Award Winners)

Hoosier School Award (1989)-Given by the Indiana Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals, this award is presented to schools which show "outstanding efforts advocating excellence in education for Indiana's youth".

Elementary Principal of the Year/National Distinguished Principal (1994) - This award was given to Mr. Rik Ihssen by the Indiana Association of School Principal's and The National Association of Elementary School Principal's in "recognition of leadership assuring quality education for children...".

Indiana Academic Coach of the Year (2005)
Mrs. Jill Woodsmall, our school's Spell Bowl and Math Bowl coach, was recognized by the Indiana Association for School Principals for her outstanding leadership and coaching in the state's academic competitions.

Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year (2003, 2007)
Mrs. Pam Petersohn and Mrs. Lori Thomas were recognized by our area Wal-Mart as Teacher of the Year.

School Improvement Awards (1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1996, 2000)- Given by the State Department of Education, this award recognizes significant improvement in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Total Achievement and Attendance.

Elementary Spell Bowl team 1st in State (2017)  - Competing against 118 other schools in our class, Washington Twp. tied for 1st place in the State for the 2017 Spell Bowl competition. On our team of 8 spellers, 6 spelled every word correctly and 2 missed only one word. 

Elementary Math Bowl Team 1st in State(2005)  Competing against 88 other elementary schools, Washington Twp.'s Math Bowl Team won top honors for having the highest score in the state.

Math Olympiads Highest Achievement (1995, 1996, 1997)-This award signifies that our 5th/6th grade Math Olympiad teams are in the top 10% of the teams competing from all over the world.

Kappa Delta's "Point of Excellence Award" (1996)-Given for innovative teaching methods, utilizing technology, and cross-grade level pairings.


Awards like these are complimentary but the important fact is that our school sincerely cares about its students and the quality of education they receive. Welcome to a tradition of excellence in education!